Homestay Placement Fee

Students will first pay RestAssured America a placement fee to match them with a host family. The payment for Homestay will depend on the meal plan selected.


Homestay is an affordable housing option for International students or short-term visitors who are looking for a short or long-term stay with a host or family. By participating in a homestay program, you will gain first-hand experience about the American way of life, practice English, and learn to merge successfully into the local culture. Most importantly, you will feel welcomed and part of a new culture and community.

Home Types

The type of home varies from host to host. While some hosts live in houses, others live in apartments or condominiums. Please note, we cannot guarantee a specific type of home. They will be assigned based on availability. Homestays may include a single host, a couple, large or small families. All RestAssured America families will offer a unique experience and will share the American lifestyle with the student or visitor.

Selection of Homestay Families:

Each host has been been carefully screened, interviewed, and selected by the RestAssured America Homestay Coordinator.

RestAssured Homestay Options

The host will provide a private bedroom, an agreed upon meal plan, and will assist the student in learning the local customs and transportation systems, as well as help the student or visitor become acquainted with American culture.

See our different options on the tabs below.

Full Board: (includes 7 breakfasts and 7 dinners each week). With this option, the host will provide the student with breakfast items that they can "grab-and-go" or prepare themselves. Lunch is not provided. For dinner, the student will be served a delicious portion of whatever the host prepares.

Bed and Breakfast: (includes 7 breakfasts each week; no other meals). This option is for students who can prepare their own lunch and dinner, or plan to eat outside of the home. A continental breakfast will be provided each morning.

Room Only: (No meals will be provided. Students will have kitchen access). This option is for people who choose to take care of all their own meals. This option is optimal for those who have diet restrictions (ex: vegetarian, religious, etc.). The host will provide cabinet and refrigerator space to store their foods.

For additional assistance or to make a reservation at any of our homestay Options, please email us.