RestAssured America offers various theme-based academic camps that provide enrichment and acceleration. Students will embark on a new adventure every day. Activities in these camps go beyond the introductory level that is sure to boost confidence, communication, and teamwork skills. We offer a split program that combines 3 hours of classroom work with a half day of planned activities. The total length of each camp is 5 weeks. However, students are able to register for a minimum of two weeks.

Get to know our innovative camps:

Our ESL plus Outdoor Adventure Camps are designed to teach non-English speaking students the fundamentals of ESL (English as a second language) paired with their favorite sport such as soccer or basketball.

Our outstanding and devoted staff will teach, mentor, and prepare students to succeed personally and professionally through hands-on learning and interaction.

Classroom Program Features:

  • Diagnostic testing and placement in appropriate skill level
  • Consistent success in dramatically increasing English proficiency
  • Multiple levels of study in English speaking, listening, writing and reading
  • Structured activities beyond the classroom.
  • Diverse student population.
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SAT Preparation Plus Equestrian Camp

The SAT Preparation Plus Equestrian Camp will help juniors and seniors prepare for the upcoming SAT tests while receiving daily group instruction in hunter seat equitation, learn basics in riding, horse care, and stable management.

Program details:

SAT Preparation takes place in a small group of 4-7 students, per teacher. The students will be assigned to a qualified, well-experienced teacher who will work with them on SAT preparation using a combination of critical strategies, test-taking tips and topic-specific lessons. The program consists of 10 hours of SAT prep work and another 6 hours of practice tests. In the morning, participants focus on their SAT work, The Princeton Review and their SAT Fundamentals course.

In the afternoon, students will pursue their passions on the field, trails, or neighboring waterways. Lessons will be available for all levels of riding ability; from beginner to the more advanced. Instruction will be tailored to the rider's abilities. Whether students are interested in riding for leisure or competition, RestAssured America will have a spot in our program. Instruction will include safety skills and essentials about horse behavior. Students will experience important lessons in horse care through learning how to groom a horse, tack, clean equipment, and feed a horse. Additionally, there will be instruction in hunt seat equitation, horsemanship, and trail riding.

IELTS Plus Archery Camp

The IELTS Plus Archery Camp is an ideal program for students who are preparing to take the official IELTS examination. The elite program aid international students in developing the necessary. Students will gain an immense set of skills while learning English from certified teachers and receiving training in archery from certified coaches.

Program Details:

At the start of their Archery Camp experience, students are given an IELTS practice test. They will attend morning classes that that emphasize the four language skills - writing, reading, speaking and listening in relation to the exam. They are fully integrated into the camp by participating in afternoon sessions with American counselors.

Students are able to practice their skills with mini-tests and timed questions similar to those that appear on the exam. At the end of the IELTS Plus Archery Camp, each student will be given a report card outlining the progress made during the course and highlighting possible areas for improvement. Additionally, school visits, shopping and sightseeing tours are also part of the summer camp. Optional activities will include day trips to local attractions and an overnight trip to New York City.